Empower Calculation Custom Fields performing the wrong values

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I came across an issue on Empower that I couldn't figure out so far, I built this CCfs to perfome a simple formula which is:

This is for a Micro Capillary Electrophorese method

Time_Corr_Area = Area/(Migration Time*60)


Area = Area (µV*sec)
Migration Time = Migration Time (min)
60 = Conversation to seconds

During the validation of the CCFs we noticed that the result that the Empower is giving to us is different from the result of the one we are performing manually.

there is a slightly difference at the last decimal places that I couldnt figure out what is causing.

Ive attached two images, one is the CCF tab and the second one is the result given on Empower in comparison with the result done manually.

Any of you has any idea or have come across the same issue eventually 


Custom Fields tab 

Empower result x Manual result


  • Empower reports Area to 17 decimal places and hides the last 3 figures so you can only see a maximum of 14 decimal places. And Migration Time is similar, so if you max out the values for these 2 fields and compare this to the same calculation done manually, they will be practically identical. Any tiny difference at latter decimal places is down to the Oracle database behind Empower hiding the final 3 digits.
    However, once Empower and manual match up to at least 4 or 5 decimals, then the calculation is robust.
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