Using Replace in a custom field

edited December 2021 in Software Products
I have a custom field call Percent_Time_Corr_Area which is a Peak/Real/Calculated and the calculated field formula is % Time Corr. Area.

I'm trying to create an additional custom field Peak/Real/Calculated with Missing Peak checked and calculated field formula REPLACE(% Time Corr. Area, 0)  that will replace the Percent_Time_Corr_Area for missing peaks with 0 but it only seams to work for the individual peaks. However, it's not working for Named Groups. It's reporting 0 for the Named Groups that have values in the Percent_Time_Corr_Area column.


  • Did you tick the Group Peaks box in your report method's results table?
    By default, this is not checked...
  • yes, the report method has both missing peaks and group peaks checked but I just realized that I can create a table for the individuals and omit the groups to do calculate the average. thank you for the response