New instrument cannot be detected/added under Node Properties


We already have one Dionex 5000+ connected to the LAC\E and we are trying to add another chromatographic system - Dionex 5000. The driver we installed is Sii 1.1. When I go to node properties, under DHCP, I can see the new instrument we want to add. However, when I click on Scan instrument, only the existing instrument is there, the new one cannot be detected. The same thing when I try to add a new chromatographic system.

On the instrument itself, it says it is properly connect.

please help,

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    First I would just try to turn off your 5000+, reboot and see if E3 will let you add it.
    Can you run two on the same node? Check the release notes maybe and verify the driver version supports both 3rd party instruments. Check any firmware levels too. The Dionex techs had some issues with one I supported in the past. Thermo owns them since 2010 so follow up with your support folks for recommended versions to work with Empower. Your E3 version may have prereqs too. 
    Separate IP addresses right? Verify the IP is correct on the panel too for your new instrument. Seems it is USB, so check that you have that part configured where its plugged in. You likely have a DHCP entry that makes it visible for E3.
    Don't recall that detail. See if you can find where it is setup in your working instrument.

    From 2016 Waters doc

    Good luck!
  • One more thing - some PCs, by Windows default, allow USB ports to be shutoff to save energy. Make sure yours don't ever shut off via Device Manager. 

    I suspect that those two models use the same driver. I know I've had 2 systems with slightly different detectors on one node in the past, so it should be doable, but without that setup in front of me, I can;t offer any further advice. If memory serves, the Dionex/Thermo people were more helpful than the Waters people when it came to troubleshooting the setup. It's not as easy or straight forward as it is for Waters instruments (or even Agilent stuff). You essentially set it up using Chromeleon drivers that exchange information with Empower.
  • Agree with Dan_Ramlose.
    PC's may not have enough COM Ports, you may need to install additional drivers if needed.
    We had difficulties using SII Driver for CAD (Corona Veo, RS), it is very painful. Required to install 3rd Party driver, when we used onboard COM Ports, we observed instability may be that is happening on your case.
    Check with Thermo Team whether you can have two instruments using SII Driver, they may be bug/conflict between two instruments.
    Good Luck.
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