Bool RSD field

I want to create a bool field that evaluates the RSD compliance
Create in following field bool
LTE ([RSD (E)], 2)
But I get the RSD injection by injection so I have the RSD according to the injection and not as a complete whole


  • Sorry this response comes so late.  This will only work using either "Result Set First" or "Result Set Only" - Details here, and only if you are processing a Sample Set (not individual samples or groups of samples).  Is that what you are doing and still getting an unexpected result?
  • I'm doing as you tell me @MarcNoble but I still don't get the required results

  • You need to first create an intersample summary custom field incorporating the labels of all injection lines you want the RSD of. For example, if you have 10 unknown samples, labelled U01 to U10, you create a peak, real cf with result set only search order. The formula is U%.%..%RSD(E) whatever E is, and put summarize custom fields as last line of the sample set.
    Process the sample set to generate a result set to obtain the overall rsd of the injections. You could create a further bool cf on this cf like LTE(rsd_cf,2) or you could add a min or max row to this field on a report method.

  • Or you can just give all for which you need the same label and just do it in the report, absolutely no CF needed.