Normal Acquity degasser reading?

What is a normal Acuqity UPLC degasser reading?


  • lizh

    Hi Zoey

    The degasser should maintain pressure. Please review the online help for your pump in the Console Diagnostics and if you are concerned, run the Degasser Health Check, if you suspect that chamber leaks or there is fluid in the chambers. There could be condensation which mimics a leak and can be exacerbated if there is a temperature gradient in the area where the pump is situated, as defasser is located at the front.

    This causes the system to not reach pressure on startup, pressure to raise during operation or flooding the system with fluid. The solution is to replace the degasser chambers

    Hope this helps

  • 0.9 psi or less. Always prime ALL of the lines (100% each, not 25%) with fresh mobile phase before you use the system. This is critical to proper operation of the degasser system. Flushing fluid through ALL channels insures that ALL channels of the degasser are primed with fresh fluid. The degasser requires that ALL channels be filled with liquid at all time for proper function. If air is left in any chamber it increases the wear-tear on the vacuum pump reducing the lifetime of the parts (and air can end up in a chamber that is not used because the solvent inside is evaporated over time from normal use). Air is one or more chambers can cause the degasser vacuum pressure to fail to reach the set-point. Prime all lines, then recheck degasser operation. These vacuum degassers last a max of 5-years, then require replacement. The vacuum pump slowly degrades contaminating the flow path (normal). Additionally, the chamber membranes may stretch out over time and leak solvent into the vacuum system. If you are interested in saving thousands of dollars, have the degasser professionally tested by Chiralizer Services (USA) to find the true cause of failure. They can diagnose and repair the damage leaving you with a clean perfectly working degasser for a fraction of the cost of replacing it.

    BTW: Never plug chambers. Use them all, and yes, if you have one channel you rarely use then fill that line with a suitable liquid that is compatible with your applications and manually flush it out every few days to keep it primed.