Update Software

It's ready EMPOWER 4??
Do you have any news?


  • It would really be nice if Waters would clearly communicate Empower (E3) versions; service release; Feature release; Hotfix; DB versions; in one place. I was chasing this last week and it is opaque to piece it together from release notes! <Rant> Why do I need a decoder ring to find out what version we are on? E3 FR4 SR3 b3471 seems to be correct for us. This is after a long list of Service Packs and Hotfixes. 

    They just had some support notes about something called Empower 3.6.0. Is that E4 or is this a new version using a new standard notation?

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a clear list of upgrades we could plan for? Some are dead ends ~ require full fresh install!  
    • Is a release recommended or urgent? 
    • How many other sites are running it successfully? 
    • What are other sites running or planning to upgrade to?
    I am sure someone at Waters has done the work to document all of the valid software updates and possible paths. Is this shared somewhere? 
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