I can't able to log into Empower 3 FR4 software , due to ORA 01033 Error


I can't able to login into Empower 3 software FR4 (Personal workstation) computer
I get error 01033 data base connection failed

I tried to restart Oracle services, but no way, I still not able to log into Empower software

Any suggestions please..


  • Hi Sherif - There are a handful of articles in the Waters Knowledge Base about this Oracle Error.  Have a look at some of these

    Good Luck!
  • On personal workstation make sure the listener is started and running. Try a tnsping to see if it answers. If this is a fresh install there are several steps to do first. License must be installed and there are some kb articles along with the readme.
    The Oracle error is generic:
    This error can also occur in the normal situation when a database is starting or stopping.
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