Total impurities

I created the following custom field to calculate impurities:
In the processing method, in the Impurity Tab, I noted Impurity response: Pct_Purity and I ticked Calculate Total Impurities.
When there are no impurities, in review there will be stated "missing" for total impurities. Is there a possibility to get 0(zero) in the impurity response column?


  • To get a zero, 0, in the Pct_Purity column for Total Impurities, edit the formula on your custom field as such and make sure to tick Missing Peaks in the custom field editor:


    Process your samples again and for samples with no impurities, the Total Impurities for Pct_Purity will display 0. The formula will first calculate Pct_Purity for any relevant peaks and if these peaks aren't present, it will display a 0. Therefore total impurities also comes to 0.

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