EP s/n of a peak versus a region in the blank

We would like to get the EP s/n of a peak in an injectio not versus a time region (start time to stop time) in the same injection but in a time region in the blank.
I mean getting the EP signal/noise of a peak in a injection related to a time region of the blank injection (injection of diluent, mobile phase...). So from different injections

Hope somebody knows it..


  • You would need to set up a few custom fields to match the EP s/n formula which is:


    Make sure you have "Calculate EP s/n" ticked in your processing method and for noise pick PeakToPeakNoise and a suitable Baseline Start and End value, which you would also input in the Noise and Drift Tab. In order to calculate the EP s/n of a peak in one injection but use it based on the noise range of another injection, set up 3 CFs and give the injection where the noise is required a label in the sample set example Diluent

    1. Peak, Real, CF Result Set Only


    2. Result Real CF Result Set Only


    3. Peak Real CF Result Set Only


    Process sample set to generate a result set and you will get a value for EP s/n for peaks based off of using the height of the peak and using the values for PeakToPeakNoise and Scaling in the injection marked Diluent. You may want to have a small precision for CF3 as the result may be quite large.

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