Problems with custom field

I created the following CF: EQ(Name, "Total Impurities")*Sum_Unnamed_Imp_F780   
I want the result of the CF "Sum_Unnamed_Imp_F780" only for the peakname "Total Impurities". This is a group peak. With the CF I created, Empower gives 0.000 for every group peak and the result for  peak  "Total Impurities" but I want the other groups blank in stead of 0.000.
Is it possible somehow?

Best Answer

  • Accepted Answer

    Yes. To return a blank field for all other peaks except Total Impurities you need to add a bit to the formula and make sure All or Nothing is ticked in the CF editor.

    EQ(Name,"Total Impurities")*Sum_Unnamed_Imp_F780+NEQ(Name,"Total Impurities")*-1*50000.

    Reprocess your data and that should show a blank for this CF for every peak/group peak except Total Impurities.

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