How to create a CF that allows clicking a tick

I would like to create a CF (boolean) that permits clicking a tick.
I mean, I would like to have a CF to cover the following situation: tick or leave empty an option.
Don´t know whether it will work.



  • Not sure what you mean by tick? If you want to have one of the Bool options as blank, you can just leave the 0 or 1 position empty to correspond with your true or false argument. 
  • By tick I mean a tick or cross. 
    Something you have to select..
    Not sure if you get it 
  • I dont think Bool cfs can do that. The only ticks i know of in the Empower database are automatically applied for locked channels, altered samples or full audit trail option - this is a visual tick box. 
    What exactly is your bool formula and what do you want returned for the Yes and No?
  • That´s what I would like to get. The same as in altered samples, locked channels... 
    I supposed I can´t to that, right?

    I would like to have a cf that turns whether a injection has or not an investigation (something we have at my company as internal test). So tick if it has an investigation (as in altered samples)
  • Im pretty sure you cant copy the tick symbol to a cf output as its only designed as a visual to inform the user if channels are locked or samples altered etc.

    I suppose you could try a bool cf with Use As set to Text and for your 0 or 1 translation, try pasting a tick symbol from Microsoft Word into here. Im not sure if that will work though.
  • Thanks for the quick answer and the help!

  • I just checked this on Empower and although there are certain symbols like the degree or Celcius symbol that can be pasted into the Translation section of a Bool CF, I tried inserting the tick and x symbols but they go in all funny and don't look like a tick or an x. Your best bet is maybe typing in a Capital X for the No and a Capital V with a superscript on it of the forward slash and paste this into the box for the Yes, that's the closest thing that looks like a tick!
  • That´s great! Thanks for trying
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