Missing peak in a peak/real/calculated custom fields

I have the following CF:

Calculation Criteria:
  - Search Order: Result Set Only
  - Sample Type: Standards And Controls
  - Peak Type: Founds Only
Calculated Field Formula: P.%.SAME.%RSD(Area)

I have 6 injections of standard and 1 injection of control.

Let´s say that I get no peak in the control because of an analytical issue. Is is possible to be detected by the cf? Will the cf work even if 1 peak is missing?
If not, how can I solve it?



  • There is an option to tick Missing Peak next to Peak Type in the CF editor. If this isnt ticked then the CF only works on and is displayed for all the peaks detected. So for example a component is detected in 6 of the standard injections but not in the control, the value will be based on 6 injections and there will be an empty field for that component in the control injection.
    If you tick Missing Peak, the value will still be based on the 6 injections but this value will also be present for the component in the control injection when you select it- in other words, if the answer is 2.678, this value will be seen for the CF for all injections, it wont be blank in the control injection.

    If you want to use a certain value for missing peaks you can use the REPLACE function, which also requires the Missing Peak ticked.if you wanted to replace a missing peak with 0, your formula changes to P.%.SAME.%RSD(REPLACE(Area,0)) but be aware your value will be affected if you have a set of values with 0 amongst them- the final %RSD will be very large.
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