Instrument Method error 'Out of Range'


We are facing strange issue for Acqity systems - when editing/creating Instrument Method error message 'Out of Range - Gradient Start (Relative to Injection): Please enter a value between 0 and 9999' pops out. Gradient table is empty when editing existing IM.

Looking forward to any feedback.


  • Hi Weronika,

    It sounds like the problem IS that the gradient table is empty.  The setting that this error refers to is one that allows you to match gradient profile between different LC systems with different Gradient Volumes.  These articles in the Knowledge Base should give you more details.

    Good Luck!

  • Hi MarcNoble,
    Thank you for your tips.
    'Out of Range' error pops out for IMs that have already been ran on existing LC systems. The same is observed when users try to create new IM for particular system.

  • Have you verified that your method is set to start "At Injection"?  

    Another way to address this might be to put a second line with the same gradient settings as the first at (or just short of) the entire run time?
  • Hi
    The DP has an outstanding defect (CRI-998) that allow a "0" entry and then give you an error. It would be good to have a screen capture and the ICS and FW versions and the p/n of the BSM (so we know which one) to log a defect. or see if it's something else!