Moving the location of multiple projects Empower 3

I need to clone 10 projects that are contained within 1 folder in Empower 3, adding the suffix _1 to differentiate between the original names. I need to move all 10 cloned projects into a different parent folder, can this be done in one go? I know you can right click on any project, select properties then change location of the parent project that contains it but i have never done it for multiple projects and i dont have Empower in front of me now.
Can it be done?


  • Hi Empower2019 (love the name!),

    If I understand your question correctly, you can move multiple projects at one time using Global Project View.  You will have to create the destination projects with the new name, then move sub-projects to it.  

    Here is a Knowledge Base article that describes the details.

    Good luck!  

  • Thank you for that reply. If i understand you correctly, i just have to select all the rows of the cloned projects in configuration manager, right click on one row, select properties and then change the location of the parent folder to another folder i created, then all cloned projects will move under that folder, is that right?
  • Hi, look into the help options with 'clone' projects. Bulk way to make many new projects based off selected ones. Test it as it can be confusing IMHO. 


    Once you have them the properties can be used to adjust a new parent folder. See if you can highlight multiples, select properties and change Project Parent drop down. Regards, John
  • Thanks very much for that  i will check the options for moving multiples projects through properties when i have access to Empower 3 next.
  • HI
    You must change the parent Folder for the projects one by one as Empower does allow changes to project properties only for one project at the same time
  • Ah ok thanks very much for that. I thought you could move multiple projects to a different folder at the same time. That has clarified the issue.
  • I believe it depends on how projects are located in the hierarchy.  One think we were just talking about was creating  node in the hierarchy based on Year or Quarter, i.e. TIME based. Then you can make property changes to the project you selected AND all the child projects below that in the hierarchy at the same time with just one click action.

    Specifically I have seen that used for locking or modifying access to a project and all its daughter projects together. So I would believe that you could change the parent in the same way.

    This is in additional to any route selecting multiple projects in the Global Project View (although I have never actually seen that work before)
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