2432 Conductivity Detector .NET Framework error W10 requires a name

After months of working correctly a CD W2432 (Software Version 1.65.163) stopped showing the driver control panel. Tried to launch the console and got this strange Microsoft dot net error message:


You could click Continue multiple times and get it to start a run. However the driver window would stay blank. Verify files was unchanged, reboots, restarts, unplug USB (yes it's an oddball from Switzerland) no change. Tried to run a DM repair, also no joy.

The fix was to manually remove just the 2432 CD reboot then reinstall just the CD driver. After a reboot it was back working fine. No change to the verify files, nothing else changed. This was on Windows 10 version 1909 current patches. Hope this helps someone else! ~ John

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  • JCarter280
    Hi Dan, it had been happy and was not the first device defined on the system. That stayed the same. I'm sure the removal and install was required to fix this error. Waters support has resorted to this before.

    I keep a copy of all drivers on each Lace; disk is cheep. 

    Always verify what folders are excluded with AV scans. Months ago we were told wrongly what IT had done and it was not correct. Lots of Empower issues until that was proven. Trust but verify!

    I'm just glad the driver works with W10 since there is no mention of this in the release notes, only W7. I was noting the version for others to know it worked. This is the Enterprise 1909 release with the longest Microsoft support till 2022.

    Would be nice to see how many sites deployed with LTSB. It still needs to be upgraded at some point; still needs patching; will likely need to be a full reinstall and IQ/OQ/PQ since it's 'special'. Microsoft seems to have discouraged its use more since the 2015 release. The releases have dragged behind too. Bottom line is I feel more confident using the version that gets the most development and attention from MS. 


  • We have one of these too. There is something in the release notes about it not being happy if it's the first device in your system (PCS 33750). Could your system have been deleted and re-added? With my installation, I have found that installing ICOPs from a network folder is problematic (this one and the Agilent ICFs in particular) if the network folder is one that gets scanned by your anti-malware software.
    I've taken to dragging copies of folders with these drivers to client/LACE desktops prior to installing whenever our IT people "forget" that my installs folder is not supposed to get scanned.

    Why it takes a 160MB driver and several minutes to install the 2432 driver is beyond me. The inputs are no more complicated than those reguired by an RI.
    1909 - is that a LTSB of Win10?