PDA Scan

I need to identify a sample by comparing the PDA scan of a specific peak with a standard.  I'm trying to add those scan in a report.

I tried to extract the spectal plots, but I need to specify the retention time, meaning that I need to modify the report each time the retention time change.  

Is there an easier way to report PDA scan?  



  • So you want the report to display the spectrum of "Peak A" in the std and the spectrum of "Peak A" in the sample...What about a different plot perhaps:

    If you add the Spectrum Index Plot Group (or the SI Plot with Legend if you want the legend auto-generated), you get the chromatogram and the spectra for each identified peak.  If you have multiple peaks, you can reduce the busy nature of the the spectral plots by filtering out unknowns and internal stds in the plot properties.  Additionally, if your peak of interest is at least somewhat consistent with regard to RT, you can scale the chromatogram to a reasonable window around that RT and the plot further filters to only show known peaks identified within that RT window.

    The above option certainly isn't ideal either, but it would eliminate your need to change the RT value in the report every time.
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