Injection and/or detection problem????

I am having a problem with injection and/or detection, I guess.....When I inject the same solution with a known concentration 6 times in a row (after a solvent), the first one does not show any peak signal and, while the other 5 have reproductable signals. After this batch I inject another solvent and I have the same signal as the previous 5 injections of the known standard, as you can see in the table below. Considering this behaviour, I think it is some kind of delay in injection or detection?? Can you help to understand which can be the problem??? Does anyone already had the same problem?? Thank you



  • First thing to check is whether your peak is really eluting at ~2min.
    Set your run time to about 6 min and confirm this. If my suspicion is correct, your real RT is between 4 and 5 min.
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