Recovery for calibration solutions

Hi all,

in one of our analysis we calculate the samples by a linear regression using 3 calibration solutions (50%, 100% and 150%). For the calibration there are two acceptance criteria specified in the analytical procedure.
1) R NLT 0.99
2) Recovery of the individual calibration solutions calculated via the linear regression 98-102%

In the calibration curve window (review) I found the both values "X Value" and "Calc. Value". Does Empower calculate the recovery (Calc. Value * 100% / X Value) for each injection of the calibration solutions or must I creat a CF?

Thanks in advance


  • Calc Value calculates what the actual amount or concentration of your component is when applied to the calibration curve. So if you have a Value of for example 10.007 mcg/mL in the component editor, your Calc Value is what the actual amount is when treated as an unknown, which can be slightly lower or higher, for example 10.042 mcg/mL. 

    The % Deviation may be more useful to you and is a measure of theoretical versus actual amount. 
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