Anyone have an issue where the Sample Organizer is not communicating with the SM at all?

The blinking LEDs next to the ethernet cable connected to the Sample Manager are not lit at all and the power and run LEDs on the sample organizer are lit and solid all the time. The waters console does not give me the option to select the SO (No option in the drop down list).
Aside from calling it in, does any have any idea of this issue?
Any input is appreciated. 


  • lizh


    It sounds like the Sample Organizer is not being recognized
    Yet the front panel LED booting up as "Green"? Is that the same for the Sample Manager?
    Has anything changed?
    In the Logs are there any relevant messages?
    A simple step is to power down all modules , reboot, power on Sample Manager first...

    And after that are both modules available, with correct S/N in console?
    What firmware each have?
    Does it match the ICS (find FW and ICS in system page of Console)

    BR  and hope this helps at least further down troubleshooting tree


  • After Liz's steps see if there is an option under the properties to enable a SM. Look for an unchecked option box. Turn on one device at a time and verify the IP address pings from the lace to the instrument lan. Then the next etc ~ John
  • This is resolved. I should have been clear. The power led=green(solid) and run led=red(solid). PCB replacement resolved this issue. Thank you!