Using peak name in a CF

I am trying to sort certain results using the peak name in my CF in order to obtain the sum of those peaks.  These peaks are named using RRT.    

I tried with a Peak, Real, Calculated.  

All or nothing is checked, but still having an error message saying RRT is either a field name which does not exist or a key word that need to be used in its exact format.  According to a few post in this forum, should be able to sort using this type of syntaxe.

Any idea?


  • Peak names are an intrinsic data type of text, so when quoting them in a CF formula, the full name is required and they need to be referenced in inverted commas eg "Aspirin" and not "Aspiri?" or "Asp*". The two Wildcards of * and ? are now allowed when referencing peak names. Unlike a report method Data Filtering Condition which does allow these symbols. 

    If wanting to sum the areas/amounts etc of the RRT* peaks in a chromatogram, you could set up a Result, Real CF. Set up a group peak which contains all the RRT peaks and reference this Named Group in the formula eg SUM(Group[Area]).
  • Thanks!  Was missing the " "
  • Hello
    RRT is a numerical value and peak name is a text string so that 2 do not match.  RRT~ is the prefix to the peaks named RRT with a number that follows.  Peak Name is a text field so you need to put quotation marks around the peak name.  I hope that helps.
    Kind Regards, Neil  
  • Summing unknowns is WAY easier to do by filtering a report method table... No CF needed.
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    .... or if for what ever reason you heart is set on a CF for what ever reason, then don't name the unknown peaks and:

    1. Test_CF, Boolean: EQ(Peak Type, Unknown) translation: 0=1, 1=0

    2. Unknown_Sum: Test_CF*area % [or what ever peak parameter you would like to sum).

    Unknown_Total: Sum(Unknown_Sum)
  • Hi - you need to put Unknown in quotes and flip the order in the translation table the other way.  I've tested this and it works.  Please see the screen capture below:

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