Can I able to recover or restore the deleted channels/Injections from Empower 3?


I have issue that some channels/ injections was deleted by mistake , so, Is there anyway to restore or recover this injections again?
as when I go into "sample set" and select some injections, that give me "missing injections data", so any suggestions please?


  • Has the project been archived between acquisition of channels and deltetion? If so then restore the project but if not then i think they are deleted forever. 
  • Unfortunately, the channels was deleted by mistake during applying some integration
    (Not archiving ) so, Do you mean that I will not able to restore it again
  • The only way they can be recovered as far as i know is if your local IT performs regular back up on software files. If so, state the exact date and time they were acquired and they may be in that file.
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