peak labeling in timed groups

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hi everyone,

i have a problem with peak labeling and timed groups.
in order to calculate column performance criteria, i need to label one of my peaks, but this interferes with my timed groups.
i need to check the box for "exclude known peaks" on this timed group, but also need the label/name the peak for my column performance criteria.

i tried using RRT, but the problem with this is, i cant calculate mean or RSD values for various RRT subgroups, when injecting samples threefold.

is there another solution to this ?

edit: maybe i should specify, i am using Empower 3 FR 5

thx, cheers


  • Why not just use named groups and add the peak names into the respective timed groups that you were were using. 

    Then you should be able to name your one peak, but just not include it in the named group.
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