IP address change

We have citrix environment  and planning to change the IP addresses of the Lace. What are all points to be considered. 


  • Without much detail on your current setup here are the basics.

    The Lace machines WAN interface should be DHCP so when the IP address is changed you can ping the same computer name (FQDN) everywhere on the network. You will need to reboot to get Empower to connect after the change on each node.

    From the Citrix server the new IP address must work; BOTH with the IP and with the full computer name from DNS. When you can ping the new IP address that proves the machine is up but until you can ping the NAME, Empower may not connect. 

    I have done several re-ip gigs where this does not go well, or quickly. A windows environment needs to have rock solid name resolution. A DHCP/DNS server setup that will flush out the old records can take hours. There are some tricks to kick this faster. (IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS - NBTSTAT -R) helps from the client and Citrix server. There are other commands on the name servers. Most networks have several; they all must work with the new IP Lace names. If this is not clear you need to get with a network guru. 

    Regards, John
  • Thank you for the information. We are using DNS setup. Is it required to update the local host name in Lace?
  • Sure, the new IP should be assigned on the DHCP server. When that changes the DNS A-Record should automatically be updated when the computer connects. There should not be anything that needs to be changed on the Lace. I hope you are not using host files! Large networks just cannot manage that way.
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