MassLynx login problem

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We cannot log into MassLynx. We have security setup and when I type Administrator and password the system displays the following message: The system is attempting to connect to the event database server. The process is continuing although it is taking longer than normal". The system is basically stuck there. 
I should say that the trouble started after we recently had a week or really high temperatures in the lab. Perhaps related or maybe not, we accidentally found that the cooling fan on the graphics card does not work.On top of that CMOS battery is dying so the computer would shutdown during the run and when it came back the date and time were messed up. Now we cleared the battery problem but cannot login into MassLynx. Anyone with ideas? Rebooting EPC and computer many times did not help. We did not reboot whole electronics, though I cant see how that may help in this situation.
Help greatly appreciated

Instrument is SYNAPT G1 installed 2008 connected to Waters 2695. Nothing major even happened to it.

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  • Update: problem solved. It WAS related to the computer clock. One file had time stamp that was 12 hours in the future. So when we were trying to login MassLynx  thought that we were in the past and refused to login. Once we were past the time of the last successful login we were able to login without problems.
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