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I need to export the entire contents of the Sample Sets tab from one of my projects and there are 100 sample sets, its needed for further data manipulation in an Excel spreadsheet. However, when I create an export method using fields, raw data or report tab, all the sample sets go into separate excel sheets which isn't what I want. I want one excel sheet with all the sample set name, start date etc to export directly from the project into the one excel sheet.

I know I did this before but I cant remember the exact setting required. Does anyone know how this can be done? I would have thought by creating a report method summary by all and add a table with the sample set fields in it, that would be ok to select in the report tab, but maybe there is more to it like ordering etc.

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  • The reason for the multiple entries is that the information is being displayed on either an injection or channel level, so it's listing the same information for each injection or channel in the sample set.

    My workaround was to create a view filter on the channel level. In my view filter, I added a group by condition to the date acquired column stating to identify channels with the max (or latest) date acquired and group them by sample set ID. This showed me the last channel acquired from each sample set, and by exporting only those channels, I was able to get one copy of the information from each sample set.

    The filter fields you use might be different depending on what you're running - if you're acquiring multiple channels for each injection, then I would apply the view filter on the injection tab instead. It doesn't really matter since the purpose is just to get one copy of the sample set information. The fields you have available for the group by condition are determined by the field for which you're trying to find the max or min. I chose date acquired because it let me group by SSID. 


  • Hi,

    If you want to export data from multiple sample sets into a single excel file, try exporting the data from the channels tab. The same is true for exporting data from multiple result sets, but via the results tab.

    I hope that helps!
  • Hi there. I actually dont need the data from the channels or results, I only need a straight copy of whats in the sample sets tab- Sample Set name, start date, System name and ID, copied into Excel so I can add further info. I managed to do it by creating a report method, summary by all, with a table with these fields included...problem is, each row or Sample Set entry is populating 15 times each in Excel, so out of 50 sample sets I'm getting 750 rows in Excel. Don't know whats causing it, its happening in any project I test too. Any ideas? I obviously just want one row per sample set entry.
  • Thanks so much, it works perfectly! I did the view filter on injections, max Injection ID and grouped by Sample Set ID.
  • Great! I'm glad I could help.
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