How to connect Agilent 6890N to Empower 3 FR5 via LAN and DHCP on DAC?

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The GC is not communicating with the DAC after config by DHCP.


  • Instruments should always use fixed IP addresses. DACs and acquisition PCs usually expect instruments to have IP addresses within a certain range that seldom overlaps any DHCP address range.
  • Since you are using E3 FR5 ~
    • we are not using ChemStation right? They like the old BootP and static IP. Empower instruments should normally be DHCP. You can't run both!
    • I'm guessing the 6890N (LAN ready, not on GPIB..)  is connecting to a Lace instrument ethernet nic? An eSATIN uses the GC digital signal out to DAC into ethernet Lace, that is not what your are asking about is it?
    • There should be two networks NIC's on this PC?
    • Is it connecting to another Agilent instrument? Is that the DAC?
    • List all the instruments connected and how. Pictures may help.
    Help us with the details and the rest is TLDR for most. :smile:

    Normally I remove any Waters instruments and only run Agilent on a lace. Waters recommends '3rd party' instruments be isolated. It can often be done fine; see the release notes. If you can't do that it may need deeper troubleshooting.

    Power off everything, boot Empower Lace and wait 5 mins. Only turn on the gas chromatograph and check the lights for happy green flashing comms. It may be that it still has a set (static) IP. The keypad should be able to set a new IP;  gateway (GW) and subnet mask (SN)

    ---- LAN ----
    IP: <
    Enable DHCP OFF

    Power cycle when done and double check all three need to be valid for your Empower isolated instrument LAN. I normally pick a high number that will not conflict like /24 GW: YMMV do an IPConfig /all from a command prompt to double check current. We want to know the 2nd NIC. Then provide the command output and will try to help. A BIOS/Firmware update may be needed too.
    Regards, John c
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