Autosampler issue

Hello,  we have an Acquity UPLC system with a Fixed Loop-Sample Manager module with MassLynx software with the Acquity UPLC Console interface.  The issue is that it would beep 3 times and indicate 'Rotary Tray not calibrated' message when loading an inlet method or trying the 'Wash needle' function. I have the procedure to complete the 'Calibrate Rotary Tray'. But it doesn't help. The message keeps coming back. It's not the Rotary Tray calibration issue. Customer service suggested that it could be hardware issue.  If anyone has encountered this problem before, could you please share your experience?  Which hardware it could possibly be?  The single button battery in the module has been excluded to be the cause of the issue. Thank you in advance.  


  • Make sure the serial number is correct for the SM in console.  If it says serial number uninitialized, then the battery was dead at one point and the SN has to be entered.   If it goes away after a power cycle then the new battery is dead or the tape was not removed when installing the battery. 

    Then perform all calibrations available in console.  If that does not work, try erasing the NV ram and calibrate again. 

    If everything calibrates fine and it only happens when a run is started, this could also be a software issue. You may want to create a new method with new plate information.

    If we ruled out the software and the method. Then it’s a hardware problem and an engineer will need to visit.