Get a sample set method file

I need to get sample set method file for my LIMS. I want to interface my systeme with my LIMS and the computer programmer need this file to be able to recreate it in the LIMS so we can be able to load the sequence directly in Empower. Where can I get this file in my empower project.




  • This actually works the other way. LIMS pushed the sample information into Empower. This is typically accomplished via push / pull mappings between LIMS and the CDS.

    What LIMS system are you using? There are several out there...
  • Yes its what I want to do. I have a mapping table between the LIMS and Empower that create a file with the information. But I want to make sure that the file is in the good format (ex .txt) and the information is readable for Empower.
  • If you are in a regulated space, then using a file to transfer in either direction will being all sorts of compliance worries. Yes, your programmer friend will like a TXT file, but your Quality people will have big concerns about that file. Whether you are thinking of sending a sequence to Empower, or worse, getting the results back to LIMS. Both directions can be accomplished in a secure fileless way using the Empower API Toolkit. In fact, I believe the ONLY way to import a sequence into Empower is through the toolkit. I don't recall any "import sample set from file" option.

    Depending on the LIMS, there may already be a connector available from either Waters, your LIMS vendor or a third party. Customizing a file-based transfer of data is a big Data Integrity risk in regulated environments, that will need another set of programs to protect that file from deliberate or accidental manipulation.
  • I agree with everything Heather Longden pointed out. Where I work was use Empower as our CDS and Labware as our LIMS system. All information transferred between the two systems is direct via the Empower toolkit. This is why I discussed mappings between the two systems; for a direct push / pull of information. 

    Creating an intermediate file in a flat file system to accomplish the same goal is a major compliance concern. 
  • ok  thanks HeatherLongden and shaunwat. I will transmit those informations to my manager and look for the tool kit.
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