Custom field text strings

Hi , Having problem with text strings -50000 . works in one folder but not in another for some reason
 ie EQ(amountreplace,0.0001)*-50000 = 0.000000 wrt
amount replace = REPLACE(Amount/10000,0)+0 ,,
When copied now only returns blank space not 0.000000


  • All or Nothing needs to be ticked for text strings to work. You also need to have Missing Peak ticked for any REPLACE CFs and any CFs which reference the REPLACE CF. I think there is an error in your CF, you don't need the extra +0 in that formula REPLACE(Amount/1000,0)+0. Any values of amount will report as normal and any ones without amount will be replaced by 0.

    If you want a blank space for any values where Amount isn't present you could modify the CF as EQ(REPLACE(Amount/1000,0),0)*-1*50000 but this will give a -0.000 in all the peaks where Amount IS calculated. So to prevent this you can change it to EQ(REPLACE(Amount/1000,0),0)*-1*50000+NEQ(REPLACE(Amount/1000,0),0)*(Amount/1000)

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