Acquity UPLC Sample Manager-FL (Fixed Loop) 'Rotary Tray not calibrated' message

Hello,  Our Acquity Sample Manager has been working extremely well for several years until just recently. It is controlled with MassLynx software together with the Acquity UPLC Console. It would beep 3 times and indicate 'Rotary Tray not calibrated' message when 'Wash needle' is attempted.  'Prime syringes' works just fine. I have completed the 'Calibrate Rotary Tray' several times successfully. But it doesn't help. The message keeps coming back. It's not the Rotary Tray calibration issue, but something else. If anyone has encountered this problem before, could you please share your experience on how to solve it?  TIA!


  • ? Have your power cycled all components? Connections; Hubs; Lace; Firmware? Be logged on as an Admin? ~ John c
  • dejian
    Thank you for your response! Yes. I did power all components off and on again, and restarted the host PC too.  Also disconnect and reconnect all connections from the Sample Manager back panel.  The Firmware Version 1.51.331 should be the latest(?). Regarding user account, all users share one account which has the admin permission. I was suggested that it could be hardware issue such as the battery. I replaced the 3V button battery, but no luck. Is there a second battery in the module? Could any screws or other parts become loose inside? It seems that it's very difficult to access inside. Thanks again for your input.