back up

Necesito hacer una copia de seguridad de mis ejecuciones una vez que termine de ejecutar todas mis muestras, hay una manera de que el poder lo haga automáticamente.


  • Neil
    If I understand your question you want to back up samples after you run and collect the data.  With Empower you have some options:  the first is to purchase the license for the AutoArchive option for Empower.  You can set up AutoArchive to check all or selected Empower projects for changes.  If any project has been changed, for example you collect new data, it will automatically back up the project.  You can schedule how often the AutoArchive will check the projects for changes.  The other option is to purchase NuGenesis SDMS which is a Waters software product and works together with Empower to do the same thing as described with AutoArchive.  NuGenesis SDMS is a scientific data management system and has many more capabilities than just automatically backing up projects.  I hope this helps.
    Kind Regards, Neil