Empower 3 any e book Is available for custom fields creation and empower 3 software management

Dear all


  • If you google articles on Empower 3 custom fields, you normally get a good few hits, some good some not so good. A great source of info is the "Inform" seminars of years gone by. If you can get some of those articles, which often go into great detail about the many types of custom fields available and examples of their best use, they can be quite useful when learning how to use them.

  • There are some useful hints in the tips and tricks blog and they have some elearning courses if you have a little budget...I don't recall the pricing being too bad, especially if you are really only interested in such a specific topic.

    For the blog, see there's quite a few around #90-100 specifically to custom fields.  For the link: See all of our Empower Tips
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