Xevo G2 QTOF no signal from lock spray

On a Xevo G2 QTOF, I am seeing no signal when the baffle position is set to Reference, but I do see a signal when the baffle position is set to Sample when I am infusing the lockspray.

Why am I seeing no signal?

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  • dejian
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    I just joined this forum.  Usually, it takes much longer for the lockspray signal to start to show than the sample 'channel'. Just need be patient. Or you may increase the flow rate of lockspray x10 times from 5uL/min to 50uL/min. Just remember to change back when the signal shows up.  Sometimes, I have to put the instrument to standby (in red). not just source standby (yellow) to have the signal show up next time when the instrument in operation. Hope it helps. Thanks!