Exporting Empower 3 data to statistical packages

Has anyone done this? I use Minitab and JMP analysis softwares and im wondering can you export a table of component Amounts directly into a blank or specific filepath so you can perform stats straight away instead of using Excel as an intermediary and copying from there? If anyone does this regularly i would like to know the process thanks.


  • I try to use the JMP plugin tab in excel as much as possible. Its just easier than all other options I have tried. That said, an xls script that targets JMP works well for some of my colleagues that perform 100% routine tasks.

  • Hi medicnman how does that work with the plugin tab if you are exporting results? Do you just export straight to an excel file that links to the JMP database? Essentially i need a table of component amounts exported to JMP to plot amount versus time period..
  • Good question. I dont think my feedback can help you as I use the JMP/XLS for non-routine tasks.

    That said, my initial suggestion (the way I would approach it) is to construct an export method for tabulated ASCII data. That data can usually be cut/pasted into a XLS, without error, if the XLS and export method are dialed in (read as: little to no changes over time). An XLS script can be written to dump the data into your pre-configured JMP file that automatically runs your JMP chart building scripts.

    It takes some coding and planning, but I dont think you will find a canned solution with the tools you are using, Empower/XLS/JMP.

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