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Can someone help me with the meaning of the functions used in the custom field or recommend some guide where you could read more about custom field

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    Are you using a PDA to quantify? If so, create 2 new PDA processing methods and call each by its wavelength eg PM_225nm and PM_255nm. Set the relevant peak as internal standard in each processing method, enter your sampleweights and dilutions per samples as appropriate in the sample set and create 2 new derived channels in your method set. Open your method set, Right click on the left tree, Create New PDA derived channel. In the drop down select single wavelength and enter 225, call this derived channel 225nm. Do the same with 255 and call it 255nm. Enter the appropriate processing method against each channel- so PM_225nm for 225nm and PM_255nm for 255nm.

    Save Method Set, open up your sample set, open up the method set, apply method set and cycle through your samples, you should have separate values for amount for the peak at 2 different wavelengths. To go from one channel to the next, select Navigate> Next Channel.


  • Check the Help menu in Empower 3 or Google Empower 3 custom fields, there is a lot of info online
  • Do you have a particular function in mind?  What are you trying to accomplish?
  • Since in my company they do not pay much attention to the personalized fields but they are very useful when solving small problems and saving time in manual calculations, I just want to learn more about the personalized fields and achieve a lot of study and research on my own but So far I cannot find a guide or a manual that helps me with each of the functions so that I can continue improving in the personalized fields.
    This would help me a lot to reduce time and facilitate the work of me and my colleagues
  • The last challenge that I am facing with the custom fields is to quantify rezultado in 2 assets each with a different wavelength and with each one with internal standard I want to see how I quantify the 2 assets at the same time and not separately since it doubles the time used to get these results.