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Hello, I have a bit of a conundrum.  I am trying to use an Empower report that works fine with other sample types for reporting dissolution results.  The issue that I am running into is that none of the sample tables are showing in the report.I have a Sample Set Report Table, sample tables with chromatograms (the chromatograms are present and the sample history is also present), then I have some table for reporting standards and samples. None of these tables show up in the report when I preview.  I do have a dissolution profile plot and table that appears and the E-sig sign off table appears,  This same report works perfectly well for other types of analyses such as Assay and CUs.  I have pretty much the same tables in other reports that work fine for reporting dissolution results.  I would great appreciate if anyone could offer a reason or suggestion why this is happening.Thanks.

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    A few things could be causing this. Are you reporting on grouped or timed peaks? If so, the "Peaks" tab for report method tables as default don't have this ticked. Tick the box and try again. Check your ordering and grouping parameters. If you have an Order by field that isn't meaningful to the data being reported, the tables wont populate eg order by date acquired but group by Name. Ideally whatever you Group by should also be in the Order By list too.

    Also, it could be tablespace running low on the project and no sufficient room is available to display results. Check properties of project for this. And I know its really obvious but you would be surprised how many people miss this- are the results actually present in the result set/results? If the report method isn't showing data its sometimes because the data isn't there to report..


  • After playing around with it for awhile I figured out that the report was looking for a custom field that was not in the project.  Thank you for your suggestions that got me looking in the right direction.