Different users seeing differences in TUV IM events

For a current IM for an H-Class with TUV, we have different users seeing different events in the same IM. Preview/Publisher reports agree on what's in there no matter the user.
I've not checked on the author's fat client yet, but the LACE and my fat client are both using the same software for the TUV (1.60.2782). When I open the IM from either, I'm seeing an event at 2.00 min with parameter "on". What's supposed to be there is a wavelength switch and a wavelength for parameter.

Any ideas on a cause for this??? 15 years in - this is a new one.
Empower 3, SR2, HF2


  • I've seen this issue before with Acquity TUV detector events (running the same Empower version as you).  I submitted a ticket with Waters in regards to this issue and unfortunately they had no explanation.

    I re-entered the wavelength changes and re-saved the IM and that seems to have corrected the issue.

  • Thanks for sharing that. Evidently, it's at least a rare event...