Empower 3 whats the difference between Sample Set ID types?

There are 3 references for Sample Set ID in Empower 3- Sample Set ID, Original Sample Set ID and Current Sample Set ID. Anyone know the difference?

I'm guessing Original Sample Set ID is the very first ID assigned to a sample set once you press Run, even if you stopped the run a minute later. But I'm not sure what the difference between Current Sample Set ID and Sample Set ID is?

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  • shaunwat
    Accepted Answer
    Process a sample set once. Open the sample set and change something like a sample name. Process the sample set again. Go to the result sets tab you will see on the first processed result that the Sample Set ID is X but the Sample Set Current ID is Y. For the second processing of the sample set, you will see that Sample Set ID is Y and Current Sample Set ID is Y. 

    So, current mean the latest version where are Sample Set ID indicates the version that generated the result set. 

    At the end of the day, I would guess this available in both the project tab and the result audit viewer as a quick flag to see if analysts are changing sample weights, dilutions, etc. to get a passing result. If you see different sample set id numbers, then someone changed something so go check and make sure it is nothing malicious. 


  • Thanks. I played around with this for a bit earlier and it works as you stated. No doubt to capture any dodgy activity like reprocessing a run after altering dilutions etc to bring your result into spec.