Show derived channel in report

Hello,  I would like to have the derived channels information in the Method Set show in a report.  This information does not appear in the Method Set Group.  Is there a way to do this?

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    Hello. I'm not sure there is a feature in Report Publisher which will display the derived channels as they appear in the Method Set but if you create an All Peaks Table and put in the Samplename, then add the fields "Channel Name" from the injection tree, "Processed Channel Type" and if necessary "Processed Channel Description", both from the Results tree of report publisher, and order the table by Date Acquired Ascending.

    This will give a list of samples run in date acquired order along with the Channel Name used when naming the Derived Channel, the type which will be 2D Derived, for example and, under "Processed Channel Description", a description of how many of the derived channels and associated processing methods were used in the processing of the channel/sample. Hope this helps.


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