Total Impurities Report


I am trying to add a table to my report for total impurities.  i have the total impurities enabled and it is calculating properly. 
I'd like to have the report setup to report total impurities per sample preparation , we have two impurities sample preparations and two injections each 

im having trouble generating a report that summaries this information in a clean way 


  • You could set up a composite group- group your table with another item, for instance a text box saying something like "Total Impurities per Sample" or similar. Select the grouped items and pick Edit< Composite Properties and in the order by select SampleName Ascending. This will produce a table for each SampleName, so for example Lot #1 will have its own table with the total impurities per injection (add the injection as a field in the table) and a total at the end of that (just add a Sum at the end of this column under Column Properties) and this will give you what you want. 
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