Calibration ID


I have run an analysis in Empower. It is done with a previously created sample set method. This sample set method does not contains the functions rules clear calibration and calibrate because there are only control and sample injection to be executed. I would expect that Empower should not create a calibration ID, but it does. When I searched in the help I saw the next thing:
- Calibration Id:  Calibration identifier generated by the database during data processing.
Does this means that in every data processing there will be an calibration ID created? No matter you calibrate or only quantitate?

Already thanks for your responses.


  • Every processing method has a set of calibration curves "linked" to it, either using the existing Components tab information or by saving a previous edited version as current. If you don't want any curves generated when processing data, review your injections, select Edit<Clear Calibration and then integrate/quantitate your channels. Since you only ran Samples and Controls you wont get the option to calibrate. Keep in mind though, for Controls to work, you need to get an amount for that peak. So if you only want area etc and not amounts, then do as above to not generate a calibration ID.

    The calibration ID refers to the groups of curves (depending on how many components are in the processing method) generated when a standard is calibrated.