Sample Manager Error: Sample pressure low. Z-Axis calibration

I have replaced the needle (2X's) and needle seel to no avail.  I continue to get this error message.  I have calibrated the X,Y and ZP as well as Z-axis without problems.  However, every time I go to characterize the needle seal, it fails.  I have checked for leaks and I cannot find anything after running the characterization a number of times. 

After reading through the forum, it was suggested to replace the battery on the sample manager board.  I did that but the problem persists (and I confirmed the new battery is good). 

Anyone run into this problem before?  How did you resolve the issue?  I appreciate any and all help.


  • dejian
    Hi, have you resolved the issue? any update? Thanks!
  • No resolution, yet.
  • Hi SpiderSilk - There are quite a few reasons to get this error.  The most common being air in the syringe or failure of the "metering valve" where the syringe is connected.

    You could also have a look at the solutions offered in the Waters Knowledge Base.  Here is a link for Low Sample Pressure.