Percentage area impurity quantification



I have to quantify impurities against the main component.  Quantification is not done against a standard.  Basically it's a % area  multiply by a factor, which is different for each impurity (like an RRF). Results are calculated correctly for all the named components.  But for other peaks, named by RRT only, calculations is not working. 

Any idea ??



  • What is the custom field formula? Is it %Area*CConst1 or similar?
  • seb_99
    % Area against main component*RRF
  • Change the custom field formula to %Area against main component*(REPLACE(Relative Response,1)) and make sure Missing peak is ticked.

    I tried that on a channel of data and for all the known impurities it gave me the correct value for varying relative response values and for all the RRT Unknowns it also worked.

    if you want a certain factor to be applied to these RRTs then put this figure in in place of 1, so if you want all the RRTs peaks multiplied by 10 then change the formula to %Area against main component*(REPLACE(Relative Response,10)).

    Note: I had peak type as All.

  • Changing of custom field formula will trigger any type of validation activity ?