Antibody Titer Checks on Protein A HPLC


I'm wondering if there is a spot within Empower 3 to apply an Extinction Coefficient? The concentrations that have been calculated are roughly 15-20% higher than they should be.  Once I apply the Extinction Coefficient the numbers looks spot on with what I'm eluting off the column. I'm trying to maximize the column capacity as we expire our columns after 8 runs. 


  • Neil
    Hello - how would you apply the extinction coefficient?  Would it act as a multiplier that would give you the final answer?  If so a simple custom field would do the trick.  If you can provide more detail I will try my best to help you..
  • When calculating the true concentration of your antibody you would divide your raw od280 concentration by your extinction coefficient. This particular one is 1.39. Can you simply plug this number into a custom field and let the software do the rest? I'm new to Empower and not sure how these custom fields are accessible or how they work?