Temperature Monitoring

Hello , 

Is there a function in Empower that allows you to monitor the temperature of the column compartment/ sample compartment through the course of an analysis?


  • If you are running UPLC, HCLass or GC, you can enable the channel in the instrument method for sample/column temperature by ticking this option in the Data or Other tab of your Sample Manager/Column Manager selection, then any injections that acquire will monitor these temperatures and you can see the trace from top to bottom (Y axis being temperature, X being retention time) when reviewing the injections. I'm not sure HPLC has this option, only for pressure I believe.

    Or, you can add a "Post Run Report" in your Empower report to the injections you want this information for. Ensure to add the "Full Report" which gives you the min/max/average sample temperature and min/max/average column temperature for each injection from each vial.