Sorting levels in processing method Empower3


I use Empower3FR1 and I wonder if there is a way to sort the levels set up under "Default amounts" in the processing method.

We have named the levels from 1-19 and they come in following order: 1,10,11,...19, 2, 3, 4 ...

It seems that it doesn´t sort it as a number. Can this be changed?

Thanks in advance


  • Level Values leaves the first entry blank to put in your own values so  maybe add in your own values for each blank entry and it should populate as you like. So instead of selecting from the list, just pick the first (blank) entry and populate it with 1, the second 10, third 11 etc..

    The other option is to edit the custom field to delete/add entries as you want but this isn't recommended by Waters as editing one of the default custom fields like Level or Dilution etc can cause all manner of problems in the project. 
  • eon

    Thanks for you answer, but I don´t think it´s exactly what I mean.

    I´m putting in my own values in the Processing method under Default Amounts. The question is how to sort the level values in this particular column in the processing method? I want it to be in number order starting with 1,2,3,4 ...up to 19. But now it gives me 1,10,11...19,2,3 and this is not what I want.

    Can this be solved?

  • is it not a simple case of 01 , 02, 03 etc  sort by alphanumeric text ?