Air Sensor Calibration Failed with new VDD

I just installed a new VDD due to the old VDD not passing its air sensor calibration. Now the new VDD is also not passing the air sensor calibration. I have checked all connections and made sure that the Sample Manager is completely primed and with appropriate solvent. Is there a certain step that I am missing for the air sensor calibration. I have the appropriate code for the service mode to activate the calibration procedure. 


  • Hi apennington,

    When you run the VDD calibration, do you have the fitting disconnected from the injection valve?  To properly run that test, this fitting should be removed, and the drop at the end of the tube wiped (when the test begins) with a lab wipe to ensure that the volume is measured correctly.  Keep some wipes handy as solvent will run from the tube as the solvent is discharged.

    Hope that helps, good luck!