needle not calibrated in plate 1

I am somewhat new to the Acquity but I have used class H and I in the past.  I just got a new job I am using an instrument that I believe is a classic acquity (it doesn't say H or I) and when I try to do an injection the needle is missing the vial by one row.  When I first started playing with it the needle was finding the vial, I believe I might have accidentally calibrated the z axis or something in the console. 

I found in the help menu where it says to take out the sample plates and pull out the teach block then put it into locating holes but it doesn't really say where these locating holes are located themselves.  Can anyone explain to me how to calibrate this injector?  I was a service engineer at agilent for a while so I'm pretty good at this stuff, I just need a manual or a set of instructions.



  • If you take out the sample trays and the tracks that they are on from the sample manager then you will see the teach block. It fits into a set of holes towards the middle of the sample manager. You will then need to navigate to the troubleshoot tab of the sample manager module in the Waters console and click the option to calibrate the x, y, and zp axis. Then follow the instructions. I also think that waters has instructions with a video on their website on calibrating the needle axis.