Custom Field ENUM

Hi ,

How far can you push the ENUM CF with translation ?

I am currently using 0,1,2 for 'LOD', 'LOQ' then  Amount (fc)

Do text strings -1*60008 (fc) work ? 

Is it possible to carryout further calculations ie Amount*SampleWeight/Cconst 1 for example as a translation


  • Hi ydan1977, as far as I know you can have multiple translations under the Use as Field and as long as your formula has (fc) at the end then it will translate, so position 0 could be Below LOD, 1 could be Below LOQ, 2 could be Amount (fc), 3 could be Amount*Sampleweight/CConst1 (fc). I'm not too sure that the text translations of -60008 etc will work because if you put down -60008 (fc) Empower will look for a field in Empower called "-60008" and it will crash out.

    Another way to do this though is create a peak, real CF such as LT(Amount,0)*-60008+RANGE(Amount,CConst1,CConst2)*-60004+GT(Amount,CConst2)*Amount. Make sure All or Nothing is ticked for this to work. Or you could set up 2 peak, real CFs and for the formula just put in CConst1 and CConst2, Call these LOD and LOQ, then you can substitute these in your equation above, such that:


  • Thanks Empower2019

    I also been playing with LT RANGE etc ,, just trying to way up pros and cons for rel subs reporting

    I saw a document which stated translation as -1*5000 (fc) to contain no value so assumed other text strings would work. Like the use of LOD , LOQ and CConst1 , therefore vary LOQ limits if imps different spec wrt unknown /known peaks

  • Yeah I think I saw the same doc and it had -1*50000 (fc) on it but I have tried this before and it didn't work, all it returned was "-1*50000" in that field. There are several mistakes in the Waters Empower 3 documents so it does happen sometimes that a document is giving incorrect information. You could always just leave the field in the translation table blank? Then Empower will look to what to translate when that condition is true- if it sees a blank in the Translation table then it will return a blank.
  • Hi ,

    Text strings do work if you set calc criteria use as 'field' although I cant seem to get -60006 or -60008 text string to work. Maybe something to do with length of text output been greater than width 15 

  • That could be... I know a lot hinges on whether you're putting them in as position, value or  field. I always struggle with that a bit as I only dabble in CFs to get specific tasks done, then I promptly forget my newfound expertise pretty quickly as I don't do it often enough to retain it all.
  • also on the subject of ENUM , will this formula work as % agreement of samples :

    (U0101.1.(Amount)-U0102.1.(Amount))/((U0101.1.(Amount)+U0102.1.(Amount))/2)*100 (fc)

    Seems to work for % Area agreement  but for amount only returning '200' (assuming 100/(100/2)).. or is it possible to do an ENUM of ENUM perhaps ?

  • sorry,, I forgot to mention this formula as part of value 0,1, 2 and ENUM(EQ(Label,"U0101") ETC
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