Creation of projects for different sites

Hi all,

Our company has been given an additional site. This site should also use "our" Empower (same server, same system policies, same user types,...). Is it possible to create projects that are only seen by our new site?

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  • You could set up a User Group called Company A and add all the users from Company A to that User Group. Then when creating new projects under the Access section only tick Company A. Do likewise for Company B.
  • We do what Empower2019 describes where I have two sites which I assign to different user groups and I control which systems and projects users can see by which user group they have been assigned.  I also took it a step further for project management with regard to creating an alternate root project for the 2nd site for organizational purposes for myself.

    As you had asked regarding projects, I'd also suggest you alter the ability to see LC systems via the LAC/E and/or LC sharing.
  • Hey all,

    Thanks for your answers.
    In this context, I`m considering to rename the existing user groups. Does this have an impact on the access of existing projects?


  • I don't think renaming the User Groups will matter. What matters is when you create a project and you get to the Access section, ensure that whatever User Group of people you want access to is ticked, so if your older user group is still there then don't tick that one. 
  • For existing is the access currently configured?  owner, group, world? or just owner and groups with the specific ones checked?

    If you don't delete an existing user group, nothing needs changing anywhere else other than what you want to do for new restrictions.
  • Our access for the existing projects is currently set to "Owner and Group".

    But I think that we have not defined our current groups ideally. If we now want to completely rename and reassign our groups, we will probably have to edit the access for all existing projects. Is this right?

  • That would be the ultimate impact on the projects...updating each project to implement the changes on which groups can or can't view the project.  It's certainly not a difficult thing...just a bit tedious depending on how many projects you have. 

    If you are creating new groups or modifying group may also have compliance issues around user access (if compliance is even a concern in your may be purely R&D after all).  For my system, we specifically approve individuals for only certain groups, so if I were to change those group names, then I'd also have that to deal with on the documentation side and user group assignment.
  • I have a further question...
    Is it possible to create a second root-project like "Projects" to separate the projects for the different sites?
    Thanks in advance
  • I have the lab name/acronym at the root and separate at that stage...everything has to be in the "projects" folder, but you can split it right away at the root and divest the different groups at any time.